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Service Provider Network

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The Workers to Owners Collaborative

Workers to Owners is a national collaborative convened to bring worker ownership to scale through conversions of existing businesses.


Cooperative Development Institute

The Cooperative Development Institute is an independent nonprofit founded in 1994, experienced at providing development and technical assistance services for cooperatives across all sectors. CDI has a wide variety of industry expertise to guide business owners and their employees through the cooperative design, financial analysis, business and budget planning, transaction structure and financing, and worker-owner education needed to execute a successful conversion to employee-owned company.


Democracy at Work Institute

The Democracy at Work Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to building the worker cooperative movement, created by the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC), the national network of worker cooperative businesses in the United States. We work with our partner organizations to provide initial direct technical assistance to business owners interested in converting to worker ownership; including creating a timeline for the conversion process; providing referrals to support organizations, capital and service providers; and preliminary guidance on cooperative structure and bylaws, as well as worker education.


ICA Group

Founded in 1977, the ICA Group is a national not-for-profit consultancy that works with businesses nationwide to preserve and improve the quality of jobs through converting their firm to a worker cooperative, a social enterprise cooperative, or a democratic ESOP. ICA’s approach is to provides simple straightforward tools designed to minimize costs, yet ensure that the interests of all parties are addressed. ICA has been instrumental in transactions in a variety of industries and companies ranging in value from less than $1 million to more than $20 million.


Ohio Employee Ownership Center

The OEOC provides initial and ongoing training for employee owners created by the conversion, from outreach to inform a variety of groups (includes business owners and Centers of Influence) about the available employee ownership options, to guiding the conversion process with the assistance and engagement of key professionals (where we can provide appropriate referrals). We also manage the Common Wealth Revolving Loan Fund, which can provide loans for employee-owned enterprises in Ohio and contiguous states.


Project Equity

Project Equity is an Oakland-based nonprofit that promotes employee ownership as a strategy for business success, quality job creation and retention, and community economic resiliency. We provide hands on support to businesses transitioning to worker ownership through our Cooperative Business Incubator, conduct broad outreach to raise awareness of this succession planning option, and catalyze the development of local and national entrepreneurial ecosystems that support the growth of worker coops.

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Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center

As an advocacy organization, RMEOC takes an active leadership role in advancing employee-ownership in the Rocky Mountain region. We consistently seek out opportunities to galvanize the employee-ownership efforts in the region through fostering communication, education and holding events.  We consult directly with business owners to assist them in understanding the options to sell their company to their employees.  Additionally, we enact a government affairs program to stimulate favorable legislation. We are proud to work alongside several fantastic organizations in Colorado who share our dedication to employee-ownership.


University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives

The University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (UWCC)  pursues a research, educational, and outreach agenda that examines cooperative issues across multiple business and social sectors. UWCC staff works with businesses interested in converting to employee ownership, providing the following assistance: transition planning and timeline development; management and governance succession planning; development of buyout plan; referrals to appropriate legal, accounting, and other professional services as well as co-op friendly financial institutions.


Vermont Employee Ownership Center

The Vermont Employee Ownership Center is a statewide nonprofit that provides information and resources to owners interested in selling their business to their employees, employee groups interested in purchasing a business, and entrepreneurs who wish to start up a company with broadly shared ownership. We can provide initial consultation, support to the conversion steering committee, providing referrals to support organizations, and preliminary guidance on governance, meeting protocol, and internal co-op education.


The Working World

We put finance in the hands of working people without making them put down collateral or take on the burden of debt that may threaten their wellbeing. We do this by promoting a more inclusive form of ownership — businesses that are collectively run and owned by their workers and community — and tying loan returns to project success to minimize risk, both for our fund and the enterprises we help thrive. Acting as partners lets us focus on what’s really important: the stability and growth of businesses that are based in and built to serve low-income neighborhoods. It also means that we never take a single dime from the people we work with that doesn’t come from income we’ve helped generate. No community will ever be made poorer by working with us.