Workers to Owners 1-Day Seminar
Hilton Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN :: April 11, 2016 (Preconference session to the Employee Ownership Conference)

Employee Ownership Conference
Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN :: April 12–14, 2016

30th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference
 Akron Fairlawn Hilton, Fairlawn OH :: April 29,  2016

2016 Vermont Employee Ownership Conference
Champlain College, Burlington, VT :: June 2,  2016

2016 Worker Cooperative National Conference
Austin, TX :: July 29-31,  2016

About converting to employee ownership

Becoming Employee Owned
Democracy at Work Institute

10 Reasons to Leave Your Company to Your Workers When You Retire
Rob Brown, Cooperative Development Institute

Ensuring Your Legacy: Succession Planning & Democratic Employee Ownership
ICA Group

Business Valuation Basics
ICA Group

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Conversions
ICA Group

Converting Existing Business to Worker Cooperatives, an interview with Melissa Hoover from the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Selling to Your Employees through a Worker Cooperative – and Sheltering Your Capital Gain 
Eric Britton & Mark Stewart, Ohio Employee Ownership Center

Succession Planning Using the Worker Co-op Option
Peter Hough, Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

As Boomers Retire, Millions of Small Businesses Will Change Hands. Can We Keep Them Local? 
Alison Lingane, Project Equity


About employee ownership

Defining Employee Ownership: Four Meanings and Two Models
Christopher Mackin, Ownership Associates

Employee Ownership Matrix (Worker Coops, ESOPS & Hybrids)
ICA Group


About worker cooperatives

Creating Better Jobs and a Fairer Economy with Worker Cooperatives
Democracy at Work Institute

Introduction to Worker Cooperatives

In Good Company: a Guide to Cooperative Employee Ownership
Margaret Lund

Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale 
Hilary Abell, Project Equity


About employee stock ownership plans

How an Employee Stock Ownership Plan Works
National Center for Employee Ownership

ESOP 101
Beyster Institute

The ESOP Transaction: Not Too Expensive for You
Stephen Magowan, Vermont Employee Ownership Center

Using an ESOP to Liquidate a Portion of the Value of a Family Owned Business
Beyster Institute

About other types of cooperatives

Understanding the Cooperative Sectors
Cooperative Development Institute

Types of Cooperatives

Buying a Business to Start a Coop: A Case Study of Food Coop Conversions
Patricia Cumbie, Food Co-op Initiative